Florapanels - Your parallel world in interior

Florapanel or micro-ecosystem buildingelement is a piece of nature in a transparent buildingblock that is gas-tightly separated from the outside world.

Worldwide unique building element with integrated micro-ecosystem is an urban concept for architecture and interior design. The concept makes it easier for the architects to "do something green" in the initial phase of the design and the designers can work it out in more detail.

Sunlight, water and plants form the basis of the unique ecosystem of our Earth. A lot of research has been done into closed micro-ecosystems in spacescience. This is to enable astronauts to stay longtime in space.

Our Florapanels emerged from this fundamental scientific research.

Plants grow and live very well in a micro-ecosystem and feed themselves with CO2 and the leaves that die. They must of course get enough light for their photosynthesis. The produced oxygen is used by the plant in the dark itself. The surplus is for the bacteria that break down the dead leaves. The water has its own cycle: is absorbed, evaporated and drips on the roots again. It is a totally independent small (parallel) world within a block that is gas-tightly separated from the outside world.

The latter has created an opportunity to develop the concept as a building block.

Why Florapenels?

1. Micro gardens in Florapanels do not need care .;

2. Long-term warranty (at least one or three years) are completely maintenance-free and remain visually of equivalent quality;
3. Easy installation in / on a wall, a ceiling or on a floor;
4. They take up very little space in your office, but are immediately noticeable for their wow effect;
5. The positive influence of Florapanels can make you and your colleagues happier and more relaxed, allowing them to concentrate better and avoid stress, which significantly improves productivity;
6. Great for lease, rental and subscription;
7. Environmentally friendly and sustainable;


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